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Don’t Think. Just Dance.

Taboo - "Excluded or Forbidden from use, approach, or mention"


Join us to take advantage of our professional instructors, welcoming community of women and fully-equipped studio no matter your fitness level, dance background or coordination.

Experience the fluidity of you body as it connects with your mind.


Founded May 2014, Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness is Mississippi’s premier alternative fitness studio serving clients of all ages and size.  Even though pole is our primary focus, we offer so much more.  With over 5,400 square feet, we offer a variety of classes focusing on dance, cardio, strength & flexibility training and specializing in Pole and Aerial Fitness.

Our programs are for women looking for an alternative to traditional fitness. Our methods will introduce a transformation process that will help you renew your energies and enhance your self-esteem while transforming your body and mind.  


Each Instructor is highly trained, but more importantly highly human.  

We're your cheerleaders, your support group, your sisters, your friends and your coaches.  

We're here to believe in you, challenge you and most importantly have a ton of fun.

 MEET TEAM TABOO » Coming Soon!



We have been changing lives for the better, through a fitness style that helps to shape individuals in more ways than one. Everyone involved with Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness knows first-hand the importance of the strength we get from each other, the physical benefits we achieve and the need for fun, no matter our age or shape.  You are able to progress at your own pace, no matter your skill level! Our intimate setting, friendly instructors and unique style of teaching sets us apart from other Pole Fitness studios in our area. We are passionate about Pole Fitness, and we are proud to provide a safe and supportive environment so you can find the true source of power within you.

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