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Start Your Pole Journey Here


Never taken a pole class before? Well let's give this pole dance thing a try!

In "Peek-A-BOO" you will get a taste of the excitement from this new form of fitness. A fabulous workout and a unique routine designed for all women that you can only get at Taboo.  This class is designed for all women that are curious about pole dance fitness who would feel more comfortable trying a class before committing to the beginning Level 0.5 of the Pole Dance Academy.


This class can only be taken once!​


This program is the foundation of Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness!

This 2-Part Introductory Series starts at the beginning of each month and includes (4) 75-minute Taboo For Beginners Sessions, (1) class per week until you have successfully completed (8) Sessions! You will learn the fundamentals to feel confident on the pole, as well as some dance and core conditioning moves that will set the foundation for moving up to higher levels. This concentrated series will provide you with a great understanding of building strength and a quicker understanding of the mechanics, timing, and grace that is necessary for pole dancing! Class winds down with conditioning sequences and stretches you can use at home to maximize your progress from week to week.  Classes offered weekly and ​only 6 spots will be available.


Once you have completed the series, you will progress to Beginners Pole Level 0.5!​

STEP 3 - POLE LEVELS 0.5 - 5.0

This program will allow you to successfully progress at your own pace!

Classes consist of 60-minute sessions of dance or training with group warm-ups and cool downs.  Instructors follow a set curriculum incorporating grips, spins, transitions, tricks, combinations, and climbs to gain strength, flexibility and self-confidence. New Students start at Level 0.5 and once you have acquired strength, flexibility and basic techniques through our professionally developed syllabus, you will be invited to move to the next level. Because everyone moves at their own pace, there is no defined time limit for each level -- you advance as they are ready.  

Our Pole Dance Progression Levels are designed to fit your schedule, so you can start at any time.  

With our one student per pole policy, you will definitely see your skills improve.

Level Focus:

0.5 (Beginner) – Pole Basics

1.0 (Beginner) – Fluidity & Transitions

2.0 (Intermediate) – Flexibility, Stamina & Control

3.0 (Intermediate) – Strength & Aerial Control

4.0 (Advanced) – Tricks & Transitions

5.0 (Advance) – Mastery/Pole Acrobatics


Note: We currently offer Levels 0.5 – 5.0.  New students must start at Level 0.5 – all other levels require Polemencement from the previous level or studio approval.



These Classes are designed to help you take your skills to the next level! 
They focus on individual aspects of Pole Fitness, such as Dance, Flexibility, Coordination, Cardio, Strength, and Technique.

Discover your inner TABOO as you reconnect to your sexy self. You’ll learn a seductive routine that will incorporate pole, wall, floor and maybe even chair moves. This class is designed to make women of all shapes and ages feel comfortable and sexy. You can wear heels, so grab a pair and strut into class!!! Please note: There are NO aerial pole tricks taught in this class.  No previous pole experience required.    


This class combines choreographed dance routines with pole spins to create a dynamic show. Add spice to your pole dancing skills, while perfecting transitions and artistry through this total body workout. Learn sexy dance moves while strengthening your thighs, abs, and glutes. Master a choreographed dance, while learning sizzling combinations. Women who want more of the dance portion of pole dancing. This class will combine basic pole spins and some the latest dance moves to make fun and energetic routine. (Level 1/2/3 Students ONLY)


This weekly class will rotate to work on different aspects of your pole journey. 

  • Climbs & Inverts - Climbs & Inversions are the foundations for your tricks. Learn different techniques & styles of climbing and inverting. 

  • Combos & Spins - Our brand new INTRO+ level class helps you flow in and out of floor, base, and aerial skills with nonstop combinations. Uninterrupted sequences of skills challenge your stamina and make your pole dancing look polished and refined, but knowing what to dramatize and what to summarize are the secret weapons of flux that will leave your audience breathless. 

  • Low Pole Flow - Develop fluid controlled moves incorporating spins, pole sits, floor-work, and flexibility elements. Pole maneuvers will not require climbing skills and will remain ground based. It is important that you are comfortable getting down to and up from the floor.

  • Static Fusion - Learn to put exciting combos together on static pole.  Emphasis on tumbles, creative transitions, static rotation, casts and acrobatic base work.  This is a great class for performers and competitors looking to add creative static combinations to your pieces. 

  • Tricks & Transitions -  Add to your repertoire a stronger understanding of conditioning, strength building and proper muscle engagement for building strength rapidly and safely.  Focus on technique for power moves.    The focus of this class is on inversions, Ayesha’s, power climbs, power spins, and grip variations.  You will gain HULK like strength from this class and your body will be doing things you never imagined it could do! 


This class offers a group warm-up and cool down. Practice the moves of your choice with your classmates and with the on-site instructor there to assist you.  (Level 1/2/3 Students ONLY)



Open Pole is a scheduled, unstructured time to do your pole "homework." 


There is no instructor or formal class.


This is your time to work on everything you need to practice on pole. This is a great opportunity to work on pole movement, combos, tricks, or a routine you have been working on in class! Whether you are determined to get your nemesis move or are practicing a dance piece, this is your time to play.

Peek A Boo
Intro Series
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