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A valid credit card MUST be provided to make any reservation. The credit card shall be charged once the time to cancel your first reservation of that month has elapsed.  

All renters agree to adhere to the following studio policy at all times when renting space at Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness Studio.

  1. How to Make a Reservation. Reservations can be made via email at any time or by calling Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness from 6pm - 9pm Monday to Thursday. Same day reservations are permitted but rooms are subject to availability.  Long term, large or bulk requests should be made via email. For fastest response, please have times and days ready when making your request. In addition, a valid credit card must be provided to make a reservation. The exact due dates of charges may either be provided to you over the phone or in your email confirmations/invoices. If you wish to pay by another means, please plan ahead and make sure payment arrives before the time to cancel has elapsed. Reservations can be made either in person or by contacting us at directly 601-310-2795 or

  2. Payments. If a series of dates are made for a given month, monthly balances are due upon the start of that month's reservations for all upcoming rental reservations in that month..  Exact due date shall be provided via email correspondence or over the phone.  This due date shall be based on our cancellation policy.  Monthly balances are always due at the start of the month.  Balances may not be paid in partial installments.

  3. Cancellation Policy. Cancellations must be made at least 72 hours in advance of booking - except in the following cases: For reservations of 4.5 hours or more made on one day, one week's notice must be provided for cancellation (this may vary for special events or video shoots). For reservations of 14 hours or more made over a 30 day period of time, one week's notice must be provided to cancel the reservation. For reservations of 20 hours or more made over a 30 day period of time, two weeks' notice must be provided.  Cancellations for long-term rentals must be made at least two weeks in advance.  Long-term rentals are rentals that are made on a consistent basis, indefinitely year-round. If the renter makes a reservation that is less than the cancellation time allotted for the reservation(s), the reservation is final and cannot be canceled once it is taken. There are no refunds after this.   If you cancel a space reservation without proper notice, Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness reserves the right to re-use the space or rent your canceled time out to others.  This cancellation policy may vary for event bookings, larger bulk bookings or bookings that require an extraordinary amount of space, preparation or staffing as determined by Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness Management.  An explanation of all any variations in the policy shall be provided to renters prior to booking or taking payment.  

  4. Late Fees. A Late Fee of 10% of your total monthly balance for those who are unable to pay in full on time.  The late fees will only be applied toward that month's rental balance.  If your credit card, which is on file, is unable to cover the charges AND you do not submit full payment in a timely manner outlined by our studio's policies, then you will be assessed the late fee without exception.  Furthermore, Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness reserves the right to cancel your space at any time due to late payment without refund, either partial or full, of that month's balance. 

  5. Sound Insulation: While our studios are build to be sound insulated, we cannot guarantee perfect sound insulation.  Studio C and D, in particular, will not be perfectly sound insulated.  All studios are subject outside noise.  Please plan accordingly or let our staff know if you have specific needs that need to be met.

  6. Connectors/Adapters: Renters are responsible for bringing the necessary adapters to connect their media devices to our sound systems.  Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness shall only provide a RCA-to-headphone conversion wire.  I-accessories, chargers and other such devices are the responsibility of the renter to provide.

  7. Policy on Held Credit Cards. Your credit card is kept on file to hold your space and shall be charged after the time to cancel has elapsed or the balance is due.   If you do not pay for your reservation before this time or by the due date specified to you either verbally, in your in email confirmation or as stated in your invoice, your card will be charged automatically.  All credit cards provided must be valid at all times. If you cannot provide a valid credit card or the credit card you provide does not work for whatever reason, we cannot hold your space reservation.  Cards may also be charged to cover costs of possible damages done during your reservation.  If a reservation is made for large or bulk amounts, a hold may be placed on your card once the time period allotted for cancellation has expired. It is the renter's responsibility to make sure their card is valid and current at all times. Failure to do so may result in the denial or cancellation of your space request. Upon making a reservation request, you are hereby authorizing charges to be made to your credit card that are in accordance with Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness policies. 

  8. Evening Rentals. Long term evening rentals (6-10pm) will require a 1/2 deposit upon booking.  This is ensure prime slots do not go un-utilized.  Evening rentals of 6 hours or more, in total, over a 7 day period of time shall be processed upon booking.  Cancellation made with the proper notice shall result in the issuance of a credit, only.

  9. Failure to Make Payments. All renters are responsible to make timely payments in accordance with due dates provided via email confirmation or phone confirmation.  Failure to make timely payments is grounds for the cancellation of a renter's space reservation and grounds to ban a renter from making any future reservations.  If you are cannot make payment, please be sure to follow up before payments are due or to follow up immediately upon notice that payment is late.  It is the responsibility of the renter to make timely payments and to make sure their payment information is current.

  10. Occupancy - Except for special events, occupancy is as follows - maximum 40 people for studio and 25 people for studio.  Common area occupancy is 20 people.  Common areas and studios may only be used for their designated purposes only.  Additional people or any other type of unauthorized use is prohibited and subject to fees at the sole discretion of Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness Management.

  11. For payments of $1000.00 (total) or more, a 5% service fee is applied to CC transactions only. No fees are applied to check or cash payments. 

  12. Space Rental Policy for Classes, Commercial Bookings & Open Sessions. If you are renting our space to hold classes, you will be required to sign an agreement to waive Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness from any liabilities. Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness will not insure or be liable for anything related to a renter's class or Open Sessions. Charging rates to your patron comparable to commercial rates for classes will result in your reservation being treated as a class or a commercial use reservation. Holding a class or any type, regardless of how much you charge your students, will result in commercial rates (non-rehearsal rates) being applied to your reservation.

  13. Renting a space here at Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness does not entail a partnership or affiliation of any sort.  Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness shall not, in any way, be a participant in your activities or responsible for the internal matters affiliated with your rental or time here.

  14. Policy on Refunds: Refunds for rentals are given only in the instance that the total amount refunded is $50.00 or less. If the renter has future bookings, then any amount due for a refund shall be applied towards these future bookings.  Refunds shall only be issued if the amount is $50 or less and there no future reservations to apply the balance towards at the time of cancellation.  If it is $51 or more, a credit shall be issued.  This credit can be used towards any purchase at Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness. The credit is valid for the lifetime of Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness's existence.  Cancellations made by us to a renter will be followed by a written email confirmation.   

  15. Confirmations and Invoices. All renters are sent email confirmations for rental reservations, cancellations and time changes. Without an email confirmation, reservations, time changes and cancellations are MAY NOT be final. When requested by Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness staff, confirmations must be presented as proof before the start of a reservation or to clear up a discrepancy. Email confirmations are sent out within 24 hours of a rental request. This time may vary slightly depending on the volume of requests and time sensitivity of your request.  Invoices which require a signed authorization shall be sent for amounts over $100.00.

  16. Footwear/Attire. Nudity is not permitted at any time. Use of hard shoes, such as tap, flamenco, Mexican folklore, etc. are NOT permitted at any time.  Step dancing is also not permitted.  The use of street shoes, especially wet shoes, are NOT permitted for reasons of cleanliness. 

  17. Deliveries. We do not accept deliveries for renters without express written consent from Pavan Thimmaiah.  We are not responsible for items delivered to us.  $25.00 fee, per parcel, shall be applied to any unannounced deliveries.  This does not include storage or disposal fees.

  18. Disposal. If large or irregular items are left behind, or an inordinate amount of trash or litter is left in the room, a disposal fee starting at $50.00 shall be applied.  Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness shall be the sole determiner of these fees.

  19. Storage. Items may be stored at the studio for a fee. Pricing is dependent on the item and length of time the item is stored. Please inquire about rates.  Renters are NOT permitted to store items, access the store rooms, or store additional items without the consent of Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness Staff.  Storage agreements shall be required for any long term rental.

  20. Long-term rental rules apply to renters who rent on a regular basis for an indefinite period of time. A minimum of two weeks' notice is required.  After this, payments for long-term rentals can be made at the beginning of each month.  For long term bookings in the evening, a 1/2 deposit is required.  This deposit is non-refundable.

  21. As a courtesy, renters shall be permitted into the premises 15 minutes prior to their rental. During hours of low studio activity, the building may not be open for entry more than 15 minutes prior to their renter.  If a studio is used outside of this 15 minute courtesy window, the renter shall be liable for rental fees.  Studio time must be paid for and free time may only be provide with express written consent of management.

  22. Overtime Charge and Usage. Groups going over their allotted time will be charged $15.00 upon going their time in addition to the hourly commercial rental fee.  This means you must fully vacate the studio on time or you will be charged $15.00 in addition to the hourly commercial rate upon the onset of your overtime use. Any occupancy of the space is considered space usage.  Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness has the right to charge renters, at the sole discretion of Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness Management, for studio use that is outside of the time(s) reserved and/or paid for by the renter. Please be courteous to our other renters, teachers, staff and students and make sure to be out of the studio at your allotted time.  If you require a few extra minutes, we will accommodate you if possible. It is the renter's responsibility to enter and exit the studio in a timely manner in accordance with their confirmed reservation.  Going over your time is grounds for immediate suspension of space use privileges. 

  23. After Hours & Early Open Fees. For bookings made starting at 8:00am, a $50 early open fee applies.  For rentals starting at 7:00am, a $75 early open fee applies.  This is per studio and in addition to general studio rental fees.  For after hours fees, or fees for rentals taking place before 7:00am, please contact and state the purpose of your rental and a follow up with more will be provided. All early open and after hour rentals require manager approval.

  24. Space Entry: Renters will be permitted into the building at least 15 minutes prior to their rental as a courtesy.  Renters using  a studio prior to their reserved time is subject to all rental fees.  Early entry into the studio space of no more than 15 minutes may be given for class and audition bookings at the total discretion of Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness Management.  Early use of space is not complimentary and ANY early use of space is subject to rental fees and must be paid for by the renter.  

  25. Anyone awarded FREE SPACE for reasons including, but not limited to, showcase participation, promotions or exchanges for service must be present on our premises to redeem the free space.  Free space may not be redeemed if the person awarded the space is not present.  It cannot be gifted, resold or otherwise re-distributed.   

  26. There is a $30 service charge for returned checks.

  27. Food is not permitted in the studios without prior consent of Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness.  Smoking in not permitted at any time.

  28. The bringing or usage of any props/instruments must be cleared by Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness before you will be permitted to use them.  

  29. Nudity or pornographic use is not permitted at anytime.

  30. Live instruments. The use of live instruments are permitted only with consent by Pavan Thimmaiah or designated Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness management.  Use of live instruments from 9:00-9:00pm will require a fee of $20.00 per hour additional per hour (if use is approved). 

  31. Please leave the studio as you found it. Please throw your trash into the appropriately marked containers (trash and recycling). Movement of furniture and equipment is not permitted without staff supervision. Rewiring or alternation of equipment is not permitted.  You will be held liable for any damage made to the room.

  32. Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

  33. Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness is not liable for any personal injuries or damages suffered while using our space.

  34. Additional accessories (i.e. - tables and chairs) are available upon request. At no time may renters enter storage areas without staff supervision. Renters are NOT permitted, at any time, to take additional chairs, mats and tables without staff permission AND supervision.

  35. Any reckless behavior or behavior that is not in accordance with Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness policies and rules will result in immediate expulsion without refund. All patrons must be courteous to other people and their surroundings. Any interruption of other patrons, including excessive noise, obstruction of passageways, improper use of the common areas and disruption of other activities on premises is prohibited and subject to discipline for which Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness is the sole judge.

  36. No pets, bicycles, are permitted at any time. The use of controlled substances, including alcohol, is not permitted without Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness consent. Illegal or non-prescription drugs and smoking are prohibited at all times.

  37. Reservation requests taken after 9pm will be reviewed and processed in the order it was received the following morning. 

  38. Wifi is provided as a courtesy and to better our customer's experience.  Please note that signal strength and availability is subject to factors out of our control, including but not limited to, our internet provider, interfering signals and other unplanned service interruptions.  We cannot guarantee signal strength or availability and the lack of wifi is not grounds for refund. 

IMPORTANT All renters will receive an email confirmation for their reservations. If you do not receive a confirmation, your reservation may not be final. Please allow up to 24 hours for the delivery of the confirmation.


Please contact us at 212-924-5694 or email us at with any questions. 


Any membership can be cancelled with a 30 day notice prior to the next billing cycle.  A WRITTEN request must be received at least 30 days in advance of your billing cycle (example: if you are scheduled to be charged February 1st and you want to cancel for the month of February, you must submit a cancellation form by January 1st).


All Contract Memberships have a minimum 6 month commitment, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Early termination of any contract is subject to an additional $100 Cancellation Fee. Members requesting early cancellation prior to the 6-Month minimum, are financially responsible for the balance of their minimum contract commitment plus the $100 cancellation fee. Members will receive email notification within 5 business days of past due balance.  Members will have 3 business days to resolve default account or it will be turned over to collections.


We understand that sometimes things can get in the way for whatever reason, so to be courteous to those on a waiting list, If you are unable to make your class, you must release your place/pole back into the system via your client login at least 4 hours prior to your class start time. If you don’t, you will lose that class/session and it will be deducted from your Membership or Punch Card. Unlimited Members will be assessed a $5 Late Cancellation/No Show Fee per occurrence.


Punch Cards are valid only for the term for which they were purchased regardless of how many classes your Pass contains. Please note the ‘Valid Until’ date on your receipt. Any classes not used by the valid date on your receipt cannot be rolled over to a new term and will be lost. So please do whatever you can to ensure you use all your classes up during the term for which it was purchased.


We do not provide refunds if you change your mind or are unable to attend your classes due to changes in personal circumstances, work commitments or other reasons beyond our control. 


Teachers and classes may be subject to change without notice. We require a minimum number of students for classes to proceed. If minimum numbers have not been reached, class dates & times are subject to change. We shall communicate any changes to students who have booked into classes where a schedule change/cancelation has occurred and alternative options will be offered.


Any private lessons booked incur a cancellation fee of $50 if the private lesson is canceled less than 48 hours before the booked date and time. It’s important to understand that when you book a private lesson, you have potentially taken the place of another student and the instructor has been specifically called in to teach you. If a deposit has been paid and the booking is canceled the deposit is non-refundable, however we can issue a credit note valid for one month from the original date of purchase.


Deposit: A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure the event.

A credit card is required for initial event deposit.

Final Payment: is due 3 DAYS prior to your event date.

Bookings made within 7-Days of the scheduled event are subject to a $50 Late Booking Fee and total rate must be made in full to confirm the event.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

We are not required to provide a refund if you change your mind or are unable to attend your event due to changes in personal circumstances, work commitments or other reasons beyond our control.

For cancellations OUTSIDE 7 DAYS no refund will be given however, you can reschedule your event within 30 days of the original event or we can issue a credit voucher valid for 3 months.

For cancellations INSIDE 7 DAYS or NO SHOW on the night, NO REFUND or credit voucher will be given.

  • Gift vouchers are not redeemable for cash.

  • Class/Course must be undertaken on or before expiry date presented on the voucher.

  • Gift vouchers are valid for 3 months from date of purchase. The expiry date is final cannot be extended.

  • It is the recipient’s responsibility to check the Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness timetable and book in accordingly.

  • It is the purchaser's responsibility to advise the recipient of terms and conditions applicable to a Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness Gift Voucher.


Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness, LLC believes that the privacy of all personal information is very important.  All information collected will be used solely by Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness, LLC to conduct our business.  Your information will not be disclosed to any third parties, other than for the purpose of processing payments.  We will only ask for and use relevant personal information as necessary.

Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness, LLC seeks to comply with United States privacy laws. We aim to ensure that our privacy policy continually meets all legal requirements in order to maintain and honor your privacy.

For more information about the National Privacy Principles, see the Federal Privacy Commissoner's website: 


Copyright and Intellectual Property of this website is owned by Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness, LLC.  All trademarks, service marks and photography are the property of  Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness, LLC. No use of these may be made without prior written consent. We understand however that our images may be used on personal blogs as long as credit is given to Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness, LLC with a link to our website.

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