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  • Footwear: Use of hard shoes, such as tap, flamenco, Mexican folklore, etc. are NOT permitted at any time.  Step dancing is also not permitted.  Wet or dirty shoes are not permitted.

  • Physical alterations to the space is NOT permitted.  Renters will be required to immediately vacate the premises and forfeit any rental fee or refunds.

  • Rosin or any foreign substance is not permitted.

  • Adhesives

  • Food is not permitted except for EVENT reservations.

  • Nudity is not permitted. 

  • Ongoing rental reservation for CLASSES cannot be made M-F 6-9pm. This time is reserved for Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness Staff Only.

  • Use of space for any reason other than what is reflected in rental confirmation or invoice is not permitted and shall result in the immediate cancellation of rental reservations without refund.

  • Glitter

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