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Taboo Dance Arts
 Contemporary and Acrobatics Dance Program for Girls

Taboo Dance & Aerial Fitness is now offering a Fitness Style classes specifically for teen girls! Teens will learn how to exercise properly on their own at home or at the gym and how to eat to maintain a healthy weight and body composition!



Learn how to eat right and exercise to stay healthy and fit for life! Prepare for any middle school or high school sport or just enhance your everyday lifestyle!


Help your daughter live a confident, healthy and happy life with the tools they will learn at Taboo Teen Camp!



 Week Long

Program Details - Next Sessions begin THIS SUMMER

Dance Camp Dates 
Ages: 8-13
June 13-17  ~ 9:00am - 12:00pm
Ages: 14-17
June 13-17 ~ 1:30pm - 4:30pm



Dance Camp $150.00


 Girls Ages 8-17.

Parents must sign waiver and the youth must sign participation agreement.

Space is Limited! Only 10 spots available

Program Benefits!!!!

4-Week Sessions Includes:

  • (1) 1.5-hour Session per week - Total of 4 Sessions

  • Female environment that offers support, information and encouragement

  • Well-rounding training program will include warm-up, speed and agility, strength training and yoga with an emphasis on balance.

  • Core development 

  • Focus on improving balance, strength, agility and flexibility. 

  • Correction of muscle imbalances through balance and strength training techniques

  • Improve cardiovascular endurance and stamina

  • Community and Support – Members can join a private Taboo Teen group online for extra tips and motivation


There are far to many fad diets, misconceptions about food and dangerous eating habits that teen girls will be exposed to over their teenage years. So, let’s set the record straight and help your teen build a solid foundation early in life to know what to eat and how to exercise correctly and effectively! Your teen will also receive, healthy sample meal plans and ideas for nutritious snacks.


Teens will also gain self-confidence, a more positive outlook and the tools necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Taboo Eat Right


What will my teen do during class?

This high-intensity leveled program is designed specifically for young girls. Each session will start with a complete total body warm-up. Next they will work on cardio drills, body-weight or resistance exercises, floor work for core and a complete cool down with basic, fitness-based flexibility conditioning and training.

Who is Teen Fit Camp for?

ALL teen girls, ranging from ages 10 to 17, of any fitness level who wants to learn more about exercise and nutrition and prepare for ANY sport!

Where is the camp held?

Camp will be held at our downtown Studio located behind the old Club Mardi Gras/Club Magoo's. The address is: 856F South State Street, Jackson, MS 39201. 

What does my teen need to bring?

For her first class, she will need to bring her signed waiver (by a parent) and her participation agreement. Each day she should wear comfortable clothes, a good pair of running shoes and a bring a bottle of water. All equipment will be provided.


Will you be yelling at my teen?

Absolutely not. We will NEVER intentionally hurt, embarrass,  or belittle your teen. Our environment is actually quite the opposite as our goals are to motivate, encourage and build up your teen.  We want to them know they are stronger than they think they are both physically and mentally!

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